Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Phase3 Dropbox Links

1x 3ds Max Citrohan House 1927, Le Corbusier Model

3x 3ds Max Designed Models

1x Grasshopper Noted Scripts

1x Chosen Pavilion

Phase3 Pavilion and Residential House

Phase3 3DS Max Final Design

Phase3 3DS Max Modelling

Phase3 House Selection

Floor plan of the chosen house, Le Corbusier's Citrohan, 1927
A simple house with a square shape attracted my attention, this simplicity design distribute feelings of peaceful, calm and comfortable.

Photo of the Le Corbusier's Citrohan 1927

Photo of the Le Corbusier's Citrohan 1927

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Phase2 Pavilion Design - Terminal Line

A Terminal line Design means a surface which has a temporary loss of smoothness. There is no "logic" to define the lines form. It begins and ends on its own accord.