Sunday, 9 August 2015

Week 1 Unreal Engine 4 Intro

For CODE1240, we explored a new program called Unreal Engine 4, it is a software for building games. Base on the online tutorials, I have learned some basic skills about it. In some way, UE4 is a combination of Lumion, rhino, grasshopper and Maya.

The scaling, rotating and positioning methods are very similar to Rhino and Lumion, with the WASD keys, we can move to any place freely, the movability is much much wider compare to the others.

The viewport layout and customization is very similar to Maya, Rhino, and 3Ds Max.

Some simple animation montages such as people walking can be made in Lumion, but in UE4, they developed the animation further, all actions of each individual within the group is highly controlled in the animation blueprint.

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